📌Students in year 13 have been studying about Ecology in French. They went to EuroElektra Sh.p.k to learn about renewable energy sources, in particular what EuroElektra Sh.p.k is doing to help bring Solar panels to Albanian companies and homes.
Students watched a presentation about Solar panels and were able to see first hand the use of solar panels at EuroElektra. Year 13 students have learned about eco-tourism and sustainability in Geography.
🥦For the second half of the field trip, students went to Blerina Farm to learn about an Albanian company that is promoting healthy living while also helping the environment by growing their own food. Students were able to explore the farm, see how vegetables and fruits are grown, help feed animals, draw pictures of the farm and help make cookies.
🥗🎋After the visit, students were able to try the food at the farm that they saw when exploring around. On the two trips, students learned a lot more about ways to help the environment in Albania.