Parliament building of the Albanian Government.

Today the middle school of MIST completed the final step of a inter-class activity. Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9 all participated in a grand debate within the parliament building of the Albanian Government. The students debated important topics that were relevant to their countries, their families, and themselves. Each class presented the issue and their proposed solution which was then voted upon by the whole ‘parliament’-- the middle school. 
As students took their seats on the floor of parliament, the chosen cabinet ministers, the elected prime minister, and the speaker took their places at their head. The students discussed Albania’s part in the current refugee crisis facing Europe, the possibility of promoting and developing educational services for the Roma community in Albania, improving tourism, and stimulating eco-friendly practices in Albanian businesses. As a whole, the middle school voted for and passed two of the proposed resolutions, leaving the other two for further debate, improvement, and later revisiting. 
The students of MIST showed a great maturity and respect for the ways of law and for the history of the Albanian parliament. They learned a great many things and some even came away hoping to one day sit in those very seats.


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