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Welcome to a new school year at MIST!  On behalf our staff, we look forward to working with you to ensure an enjoyable and successful year for our students, your children.

There have been some minor changes within our school that we wish to share with you.  We kindly ask that you review the changes and encourage you to contact the school if you have any questions or concerns about any of the items.

Bell Timing

In order to accommodate the different divisions within our school and the different needs of our students, MIST has made some changes to the daily schedule to help facilitate our academic program.  Generally, students will arrive at school at the same time as they have in the past.  However, primary and secondary students will be sent at home at 14:45.  (This does not include preparation courses for the A Level and IGCSE programmes, which will be offered after school) 

Primary students will receive 5 lesson hours per day plus two additional lessons for intensive English practice and extra-curricular courses, such as languages, sports etc.

Please refer to MIST web site for our updated bell times.

Extra-Curricular Courses

Extracurricular courses are an integral part of any school community and can benefit children of all ages by helping them develop lifelong skills and hobbies.  This year, MIST is offering an obligatory extra-curricular schedule for the primary division which is included as a part of the regular school day but beyond the confines of the regular academic curriculum. The club program will restart with each term allowing children to take part in a wider variety of courses.

The goal is to provide extracurricular activities for children to enable them to explore their interests, make new friends, become physically active and learn new skills.

The extra-curricular program will begin on Monday, September 18. 

Teaching Staff

We welcome several new staff members to our school this year, both local staff and foreign, in all divisions of our school.  During the week from Monday, September 11 to Friday, September 15, ‘Meet the Teacher’ meetings will be held for primary and middle school classes.  We encourage parents to visit the school, meet your child’s teachers and take with you important information regarding the upcoming academic year.

Uniform and Book Distribution

Parents are encouraged to visit the school with their children to pick-up textbooks and uniforms.  The main distribution period will be from Tuesday 29th August to Thursday 31st August. If you are unable to collect the books and uniform during this time, you may also collect them during the 1st week of term.  

Gr 4/5 Robotics

A new addition to our primary program is the addition of robotics to our Grade 4 and 5 curricula.  The robotics program will introduce students to the fascinating world of robotics and offer a comprehensive exploration into technology, building a deep understanding of the real-life applications. 

The robotics program will be offered as a part of our academic technical skills program to maximize student engagement, learning and enthusiasm.

Update Contact Information

We would like to update our current parent contact information database.  Even though many of our teachers are using online programs to communicate with parents or may have personal contact information, the school is still relying on email and SMS as the main method of communication with parents.

This past year, we have had several cases - such as flooding or severe winter temperatures - in which the school was required to contact the parents with important notifications regarding school cancellations, postponements, transportation, etc.  Fortunately, there were no problems however we feel that with an updated database we may communicate with parents more effectively.

We kindly ask that you check with the school office to ensure that your contact information is up-to-date.

Communication with Parents

An area of focus for administration this year is to strengthen the relationships between our school and parents.  We are encouraging our teachers to use a variety of ways to communicate with our parents the progress of their children, issues or concerns and general information.

All of our year groups within foundation stage and primary will be communicating with parents via Class Dojo, a communication app for the classroom that connects teachers, parents and students by sharing photos, videos and messages.

As in previous years, secondary teachers will use our on-line system to communicate with parents.  However, we all also be sending a regular newsletter outlining current events and happenings at MIST.

A level and IGCSE preparation

As in previous years, the school will offer preparation classes for these examinations after school. Further information will be given to students during the first weeks of term.

Academic calendar

Our academic calendar has been posted.  Please refer to the link on the website.

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