MIST inspires its students to strive for excellence in all aspects of their development: academic, artistic, social and physical, by providing the best possible learning environment that combines a well-balanced curriculum with extra-curricular activities. MIST also challenges its students to think critically, to explore knowledge, to question facts upon finding them, to make responsible decisions and to approach learning with enthusiasm.

The Secondary School is designed to meet the needs of early adolescents through their transition from Primary education to Secondary education. Secondary School students extend their knowledge to application and take more independent steps into learning while enjoying support from their school.

The Secondary Academic Program at MIST is split into three stages:
  • Grades 6-7 Cambridge Secondary 1 + UK Curriculum Adaptations + Albanian National Curriculum
  • Grades 8-9 Cambridge IGCSE + UK Curriculum Adaptations + Albanian National Curriculum
  • Grade 10-11-12 Cambridge International AS and A2 Levels + Albanian Matura Programme
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