We have implemented the UK National Curriculum at our school to cover the key learning areas outside the CIPP and CS1. We have aimed to not only ensure compatibility between subject areas, but also to benefit from the well-balanced nature of the UK standards as appropriate for our students.

The UK National Curriculum determines much of the content taught, but more importantly, it sets attainment targets for learning. It also determines how student performance will be assessed and reported. It gives teachers, students, parents, employers and the wider community a clear and shared understanding of the skills and knowledge that young people will gain at school. Using the UK National Curriculum, the individual learning needs of students can be met and the school can aim to develop a distinctive character and ethos rooted in the local community. It provides a framework within which all partners in education can support our young students on their road to further learning.


The Cambridge Secondary 1 (CS1) is a framework built for the educational success of the Middle School students, building on the skills and knowledge covered in the Primary stage and developing students' knowledge and skills in Mathematics, English and Science.

The CS1 also tracks student progress throughout the Middle School phase with an integrated method of teaching, learning and assessment materials.

At the end of Middle School, students will sit through Cambridge Checkpoint tests which provide detailed feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses before they move onto the High School IGCSE stage.

  • International Benchmark
    The CS1offers an external, international benchmark of student achievement. This allows schools to measure standards over time and provide detailed, structured reports. Cambridge Checkpoint tests are standardised, set and marked by CIE, to provide an international benchmark of student achievement, enabling teachers to advise students and parents about the suitability of different progression routes.
  • Monitoring student progress
    These progression tests powered by analysis software provide detailed feedback about students' strengths and weaknesses in the core skills of English, Mathematics and Science at the end of each stage. This feedback is used regularly to improve teaching, support learning and report student progress.
  • The CS1 incorporates a high degree of flexibility as it includes a range of teaching methods and curricula. Our teachers have the liberty to make adaptations whenever necessary, helping them cater to individual learning needs.

Links to Other Stages
The CS1 has been developed to link seamlessly with the Cambridge International Primary Programme (CIPP) and provide standardised tests to allow for the careful monitoring of progress from the Primary to Middle School phase. It also provides excellent preparation for students embarking on IGCSE or O Level courses.

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