Grades 1 – 5

Grade 1

6– 7 years of age

Grade 2

7 – 8 years of age

Grade 3

8 – 9 years of age

Grade 4

9 – 10 years of age

Grade 5

10 – 11 years of age

Our Primary School works with a fully immersed British National Curriculum, which provides an academic rigour recognised all over the world.  Taking into account the cultural diversity of our community, we have implemented an international dimension into the curriculum, aimed at producing globally aware students with the vital skills they need in today’s fast changing world.

At MIST we maintain a fantastic reputation for the standard of education we deliver, placing a great focus on the students’ individual learning, independence, creative thinking and happiness at school. We encourage each child to continue their development building upon the strong foundations laid in the Early Years Stage, through maintaining a fun, active and enquiry-based approach to learning. As a school we go beyond producing excellent academic results, and are fully committed to providing a holistic, well- balanced education aimed at developing our students as effective global citizens.

The British Curriculum provides a firm set of standards in the Foundation subjects of English, Math and Science. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is at the centre the students’ learning experience, being used extensively across all areas of the curriculum. Interactive White Boards are present in all the Primary classrooms, allowing easy access to some outstanding teaching resources, whilst keeping our students up to date with today’s technological world.

We teach in cross-curricular way at MIST, providing plenty of opportunities for making connection. The Humanities Curriculum follows the general key skills of the British Curriculum, whilst having a vast international dimension, adapted to allow for more relevance to our school community and Albania. Logical and analytical thinking are encouraged whilst studying history topics, through stimulating and inspiring cross-curricular themes.

We utilize the expertise of specialist teachers in the teaching of Art, Design and Technology, Music, ICT, Physical Education and French (our modern foreign language, which is introduced in Grade 5).  Albanian and Turkish are offered as an additional language to Albanian and Turkish students.

We also offer an extensive and effective ESL programme, which provides excellent support to students who have difficulty with their English when they first join our school.

All the subjects at MIST are taught in English, with the exception of Albanian and Turkish language. For the teaching of Albanian language, MIST follows the expectations and guidance of the Albanian National Curriculum.

Subjects we offer in the Primary School:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Science
  • Information & Communication Technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Art
  • Design & Technology
  • Music
  • Physical Education
  • French
  • Albanian /Turkish – for nationals
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