Thank you for your interest in working at Memorial International School. We are interested in excellent teachers who are passionate about education and are willing and able to contribute to school and student life in a wide variety of ways.

We have an outstanding faculty who provide a safe, nurturing environment for students to learn in, foster intellectual rigor and independent thinking, and promote high standards, collegiality and an extremely strong sense of community.

We value candidates who exhibit a passion for teaching, who have experience with students from diverse backgrounds, whose pursuit of professional development is keen and ongoing, and whose academic background and teaching experience are directly relevant to the position.

Essential teaching requirements for MIST include

  • Two to five years current teaching experience in the specific grade level or subject area of our vacancy
  • Experience working with an international education
  • Experience working in a multi-cultural setting
  • Familiarity with best practice methodologies as they apply to teaching a diverse student body as well as evidence of recent professional growth activities
  • Experience and commitment to sponsoring extracurricular and after school activities

Benefits Package

  • Visa procurement assistance,
  • Assistance with finding housing
  • Free School lunch
  • Professional development

Important Note:  We receive big numbers of applications each year for limited openings which makes it difficult to pursue each application. Therefore, we tend to correspond with applicants who we wish to take a step ahead in the recruitment process.

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