Caring and Courageous

Students at MIST should have the opportunity to learn in a safe and respectful learning environment. They should be encouraged to care for each other and yet strive for the very best that they can achieve. Positive and clear guidelines for behavior management will help our community nurture and realize the potential of the children in our care.

Disciplinary procedures

Behaviour management is the responsibility of the entire school community. This is reflected in the policy, which clearly outlines the roles, expectations, and consequences of behaviour at the school. Parents, teachers, and students are involved in the process of developing and then implementing the framework.

To provide an environment where we feel:

  • safe and protected
  • valued and understood
  • happy
  • challenged / supported
  • nurtured
  • accepted
  • justice is applied
  • listened to
  • trusted and believed

Encourage positive behavior:

  • a system of awards and incentives at both whole school and classroom levels
  • recognition of effort, ability and setting a fine example

Discourage negative behavior: where necessary a support group will be established to develop a behavior modification plan.


We focus on preventative measures. Students adhere to the school motto "Caring and Courageous" and do a number of activities and exercises dealing how to treat each other. Low student to teacher ratio also makes it possible to attend to problems when they are small; Cases of bullying are dealt quickly and necessary disciplinary is taken according to the behavior policy.

Separation of older children from younger

We are pleased to provide a separate spaces for our preschool and kindergarten students.

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